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It's no secret at W&P HQ we'd been playing with some ideas for a new way to offer a new and amazing taste sensation to our gorgeous customers.

Chloe, Inventor of Desert Road

We wanted something delicious, something smooth, something creamy, something rich. We'd toyed with a few ideas but still hadn't stumbled on the right combination of all things gorgeous. Then one day last Summer, Graham took his daughter Chloe and her friend Jasper on a picnic. It's no secret that every Whisk & Pin picnic includes a generous amount of Rocky and Snowy Road.

Chloe lay on the grass, starring up at the clear blue sky and basked in the warm summer sun, something of a rarity in the Blue Mountains. "You know what Dad", Chole said, munching on a mouthful of Snowy Road, "you should make this out of white chocolate, caramel, strawberries and macadamias." Graham sat up, took off his newly prescribed reading glasses (well, we're all getting on) and put his Blue Mountains Gazette on the grass beside him, "say that again Chloe?"

"Well Dad, you should make a kind of Snowy Road thing out of white chocolate, caramel, strawberries and macadamias. Oh, and you should call it Desert Road." Award Winning Desert Road

Just like that. After all the blood, sweat and tears the team of creatives at W&P HQ had shed trying to come up with a new combination of deliciousness. After hours of brainstorming. Months of tasting. Trying. Considering. Rejecting. Would you credit it - a 13 year old kid comes up with our latest and best selling piece of deliciousness, just like that. Talk about from the mouths of babes.

So here it is, Chloe's 100% Belgian white chocolate infused with rich creamy caramel smothering an oasis of sun-dried strawberries, moreish salted macadamias and vanilla marshmallows. Simply irresisitible.

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