The Carrington Cellars

Housed in the old Katoomba coal power plant that was built in 1910, its found a brighter future in recent times as a diverse deli and cellar offering to the Katoomba townsfolk. The old red bricked chimney, which can be seen from many areas of the town, has long been the lone landmark of the Katoomba skyline.

The old coal station has been remagined into a highly modern grand design, featuring a vast array of curious imported wares, rows of boutique, as well as an offering of local and exotic wines.

Just like the diverse deli offering, the range encompasses both types of imported food goods, down to the most imaginative Blue Mountains’ providores. Also local chef, Aldo Ramos even produces his ‘quick and classy’ meal options which require only simple reheating.

Being a hotel with a Grand Dining Room, Cocktail Lounge, 2 bars and one award-winning Brasserie, experience a broad wine, spirit and ale selection, tried, tasted and tested frequently by the experienced staff!

The Carrington Cellars and Deli – experience the possibilities of a good time!

From the stunning Blue Mountains of Australia

At Whisk & Pin, our mission is to produce 100% of the time without exception, products that are premium grade and absolutely delicious. In order to achieve this, our aim is to bring together the best of everything – from the people we work with to the wholesome Australian products we use. As part of our social and economic sustainability, we always use non-GM, and Australian wholesome ingredients wherever possible. However, when Australia cannot supply, we will source internationally to the same standard to ensure we are always working in-line with our mission.