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There is no doubt that Williamson Teas are the absolute benchmark in the world of exceptionally fine teas. Major drinkers of these fine teas ourselves, when they suddenly stopped appearing on the shelves of a well- known exclusive department store, we went into panic mode and contacted Williamson Tea direct.

Sure our motivation was selfish at first, but the more we came to know about Williamson Tea and the more we discovered they embrace the same values and principles that we do, we quickly realized that their exquisite teas would fit perfectly within our own gorgeous Whisk & Pin range.

Excitedly, we shot across to London to meet Williamson Tea in person (not all of us, just Graham). After that meeting over a cup of Fine Earl Grey in the Williamson Tea sample room, we agreed that working together to bring the finest tea in the world to Australia would be our job together. The exceedingly fine quality and exceptionally fine flavour of Williamson Teas make them the perfect match for all things Whisk & Pin here in Australia.

Savour a cup of deep coppery English Breakfast with your morning Whisk & Pin Muesli,  or round off the afternoon with a cup of zesty and aromatic Earl Grey with a Whisk & Pin Pistachio & Cranberry Shortbread. Exquisitely irresistible!


'World's Finest' Williamson Tea RangeAbout The Tea

Williamson Tea is a family owned business with over 140 years of experience in the art of growing, selecting and blending fine teas.  They care deeply about their tea and the people who grow it.

Unlike other tea brands, they are tea farmers. All of their teas are grown on their own farms in Kenya, which means they can control the quality of the product all the way from the tea plant to the cup.

They only use sustainable farming methods, and they ensure all their people work in good conditions and earn a decent living. Their tea farms are 100% UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified. Their knowledge of farming, and years of experience in blending fine teas, sets them apart from other brands. We are confident that you will taste the difference.

From the stunning Blue Mountains of Australia

At Whisk & Pin, our mission is to produce 100% of the time without exception, products that are premium grade and absolutely delicious. In order to achieve this, our aim is to bring together the best of everything – from the people we work with to the wholesome Australian products we use. As part of our social and economic sustainability, we always use non-GM, and Australian wholesome ingredients wherever possible. However, when Australia cannot supply, we will source internationally to the same standard to ensure we are always working in-line with our mission.