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From our humble beginnings in 1999, Whisk & Pin was founded on our very first handcrafted batch of gourmet muesli. Today, we have re-imagined your favourite muesli blends into a long awaited and highly requested range of amazing Gourmet Muesli Bars and Chocolate Bars!

A GOURMET Muesli Bar! - what exactly makes a muesli bar gourmet? We searched all the shelves in all the stores endlessly for something that would tick the right boxes; a bar that was nourishing, indulgent and deliciously wholesome, and of course with just the right amount of crunch! - but we had no luck. It was at this point that we knew it was time to take our muesli beyond the bowl. So off we set again to the creative kitchen, with a bold idea and a bag of Gluten Free Muesli. We worked tirelessly for months; trying, mixing, tasting, unmixing, smooshing, trying and tasting again and again - wondering even if we were biting off more than could be chewed.

In the end it just boiled down to this: the simplest combination of the finest ingredients, add in a dash of familiarity, a hint of indulgence - and there you have it, a sensation is born! Traditionally, honey would be used to bind the ingredients in a muesli bar, and commonly even refined sugar syrups (yes really, we won't say who). We decided that dates smooshed to a fine paste combined with tahini would be the winning choice for our muesli bars because of their taste, nutrition, and binding abilities.

But we have another secret ingredient behind these bars too - we're not one to shy away from a little bit of hi-tech innovation. Our latest addition to the bakery toolkit, a one-tonne ultrasonic cutting blade gives us the edge we need to cut and portion our new bar range with beautiful accuracy and delicacy. Mind you, we blend, mix and label by hand - still as always.

We think we've set the bar pretty high - what do you think?

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Whisk & Pin Christmas Santa

Christmas & New Years Trading Days 2019/20

As the festive season approaches we wish to advise that our closure dates for the 2019 year will be as follows:

Last day of trading: Friday, 20th December 2019

Reopening: Thursday, 2nd January 2020

For our online store customers, guaranteed pre-Christmas deliveries have closed. Orders will still be accepted until Wednesday 18th December. We cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. Orders placed from Thursday 19th won't be made or sent until our return in the new year.

The team at Whisk & Pin would like to extend our thanks for your valued support throughout this year and wish you a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous 2020.

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Our pop-up shop at the Rocks has now closed - if you are looking for somewhere close by that stocks Whisk & Pin Products, please contact us for a nearby stockist!

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An alluring variety gift pack with 2 of our most sensational handcrafted Belgian chocolates; our darkly indulgent Rocky, and Scrumptiously Creamy Snowy.

Easter Chocolate Gift Pack - A seasonal design capturing the Easter spirit, it is sure to delight the discerning chocolate lover!

Anytime Chocolate Gift Pack - Perfect all-year round gift for that special person, featuring a gorgeous design that will capture any heart.

Rocky Road

Seductively dark 100% Belgian chocolate and luscious ruby-red cranberries hand-mixed with sweet vanilla marshmallows and tender slithers of coconut - and all handcrafted into alluring 320g blocks of delicious enticement.

Snowy Road

An Indulgent block of vanilla marshmallows coated in 100% creamy white Belgian chocolate mixed with black cherries, tart cranberries and crunchy pistachios.

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At last; a gluten-free roasted muesli that not only nourishes the body and is free from hidden nasties - but most importantly tastes totally delicious! Simply bursting with the robust nuttiness of organic quinoa puffs, pure stringybark honey, crunchy almonds, cashews and pepitas; our ever so light and scrumptious Almond & Quinoa roasted muesli will make you never want to miss a breakfast again!

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When it comes to great coffee and delicious food you really can't have too much of a good thing. Up on the beautiful Gold Coast, Daark Espresso have all good things! In fact, it's so good that they're expanding to include even more. With rave reviews, folks travel from far and wide to enjoy this little espresso bar and we can't wait to see what they have in store for the future!

We've been supplying Daark with our muesli cookies for years now and it really is a business with so much heart. Always passionate about the customers and providing a great space for people to enjoy some yummy food and one of the best coffees on the Gold Coast.

With this upcoming expansion we are excited to have some more of our products available at Daark Espresso and it gives us even more reason to visit them!

You can visit Daark Espresso at Shop 2/41 Musgrave Ave, Chirn Park, Gold Coast.

Friends of Whisk & Pin

You know those great local green grocers, where you can always count on a friendly chat and a huge array of fresh produce and gourmet goods? Well, the Figtree Greengrocer, in Lane Cove, has all that and more. Sam & Joe and the team are always up for a chat and to lend a helping hand, so that you go home with shopping bags filled with only the best of the best! A family owned and run business, they've been putting a smile on foodies faces for 25 years now, with a huge variety of delicious products!

Specialising in gorgeous fruit baskets, they also have a great range of organic and gluten free products and so much more. Believe it, this place has it all! Figtree is now the only place in the Lane Cove area that stock our products. We've heard on the grapevine that our rocky road varieties are practically running out the door. And it's exciting news for muesli lovers, who can support a wonderful local store to browse and purchase our range of gorgeous muesli!

You can visit Figtree Greengrocer at 229 Burns Bay Road (Cnr. Beatrice St, entrance at rear), Lane Cove West - Monday to Saturday.

If you feel like a fun little tour, you should check out the Fig Tree's website where you browse the shelves online and view the whole range of superb products they stock - www.figtreegreengrocer.com

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If you’re ever traveling from Sydney to Lithgow you have been passed it, or you have been dragged in there by a little kid…. or a big kid. You can’t miss the yellow VW bugs out the front.

The Lolly Bug is a delight to everyone who arrives at its colourful doorstep. The first step inside will be a sensory overload, stocked with over 2000 types of sweet treats, chocolates, liquorice and more in very flavour and colour you could think of. They are known for their large range and they will have your favourite lollies and plenty you have never even seen or heard of before. From the far reaches of the earth, they have gathered the finest in confectionary old fashioned English sweets, Scottish and Dutch treats as well as some good old Aussie favourites. From Jelly belly’s and rock candy to sugar and gluten free, lollipops and so much more

The lolly bug started with a sweet-toothed Sharon looking to fulfil her calling of owning a lolly shop. A childhood dream turned into a reality in 2006 when the doors opened and children from far and wide flooded in bugging their parents for lollies.

The farmhouse dates back to the 1800’s and has a sticky history of outlaws, mining, ghosts and convicts. The original timber log beams still hold the Lolly Bug in place. Colour now fills the old farmhouse and Ooos and Ahhs from bug-eyed children are heard throughout the valley.

The sweet tooth gene runs in the family with Chloe and her baby daughter Mikayla also helping run the shop. Mikayla is living every child’s dream of growing up in a lolly shop! Sharon’s only vice is the Whisk & Pin Rocky Road and after many years of selling Whisk & Pin products, she still can’t get enough of it.

The Lolly Bug fills its shelves with a large range of Whisk & Pin gourmet goodies, some of the store favourites are the Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie, our handmade cookies are snapped up at first sight and the rocky roads never seem to last long in the hands of a road-tripping family.

The Lolly Bug is located in the Hartley Valley just 25 minutes from Katoomba and 10 minutes from Lithgow on the Great Western Highway.


2297 Great Western Highway Little Hartley NSW

Friends of Whisk & Pin

Whisk & Pin believes in collaborating with like-minded local Blue Mountains-based producers – and Cassiopeia Specialty Coffee fits that ‘bean’.

“For us, sourcing that finest ingredient is key to our philosophy of ‘hand-picked, hand-blended or hand-made’. We are also passionate about each process in the mix…” says Graham Sandilant.

Like Whisk & Pin, Cassiopeia is all about sourcing, developing and being involved in every step of the production process. Both Katoomba-based businesses believe in consistently producing good quality product, with an eye out for the best producers, farms and crops; and working with seasonal ingredients.

Cassiopeia works with various co-ops throughout the world, from Ethiopia, Kenya, to Guatemala and Panama; and looks at each grower carefully in regards to Fair Trade and ethical practices. Both Katoomba-based businesses share common DNA – working with locals in ‘the slow food’ method of appreciating ‘paddock to plate’; carrying an understanding and appreciation of the ‘ingredient’s journey’ from the farm, plantation or crop, to the enjoyment on the table.

From that finest grain of cereal enclosed in a husk, to that coffee seed enclosed in a cherry, (yes, that’s right, a cherry); each grain and seed is afforded the same level of attention. Product for both is sold fresh with a recommended shelf life.

“As a local producer, it’s important for us to recognise, embrace and collaborate with like-minded businesses in the mountains – cross pollination is healthy in a community.” Graham.

Both businesses are hands-on and don’t outsource any part of the production – from roasting, grinding, packaging to brewing – from sourcing, blending, baking to packaging; and both Whisk & Pin and Cassiopeia have loyal followings.

Cassiopeia's roasted coffee beans available online:

Friends of Whisk & Pin

An anytime, any occasion gift to satisfy the most picky of recipients!

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Due to overwhelming demand, we're proud to announce the release of our brand new Pantry Favourite Fig, Macadamia & Ginger Cookies!

The chewy, symphony of deliciousness that you enjoyed at your favourite cafes is now available in a take home share pack!

Find them here!

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A treasure of fine vintage in the old coal power station.

Friends of Whisk & Pin

Leura Gourmet is located in Leura of the Blue Mountains. Owner, Vicki, prides herself on selling locally crafted gourmet products and has a deli selling local produce.

Friends of Whisk & Pin

Introducing our first ever milk chocolate indulgence!

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Rev up those whisks, and prepare to release your inner domestic goddess!

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Whisk & Williamson

Whisk & Williamson

There is no doubt that Williamson Teas are the absolute benchmark in the world of exceptionally fine teas. Major drinkers of these fine teas ourselves, when they suddenly stopped appearing on the shelves of a well- known exclusive department store, we went into panic mode and contacted Williamson Tea direct.

Sure our motivation was selfish at first, but the more we came to know about Williamson Tea and the more we discovered they embrace the same values and principles that we do, we quickly realized that their exquisite teas would fit perfectly within our own gorgeous Whisk & Pin range.

Excitedly, we shot across to London to meet Williamson Tea in person (not all of us, just Graham). After that meeting over a cup of Fine Earl Grey in the Williamson Tea sample room, we agreed that working together to bring the finest tea in the world to Australia would be our job together. The exceedingly fine quality and exceptionally fine flavour of Williamson Teas make them the perfect match for all things Whisk & Pin here in Australia.

Savour a cup of deep coppery English Breakfast with your morning Whisk & Pin Muesli,  or round off the afternoon with a cup of zesty and aromatic Earl Grey with a Whisk & Pin Pistachio & Cranberry Shortbread. Exquisitely irresistible!


'World's Finest' Williamson Tea RangeAbout The Tea

Williamson Tea is a family owned business with over 140 years of experience in the art of growing, selecting and blending fine teas.  They care deeply about their tea and the people who grow it.

Unlike other tea brands, they are tea farmers. All of their teas are grown on their own farms in Kenya, which means they can control the quality of the product all the way from the tea plant to the cup.

They only use sustainable farming methods, and they ensure all their people work in good conditions and earn a decent living. Their tea farms are 100% UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified. Their knowledge of farming, and years of experience in blending fine teas, sets them apart from other brands. We are confident that you will taste the difference.

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It's no secret at W&P HQ we'd been playing with some ideas for a new way to offer a new and amazing taste sensation to our gorgeous customers.

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