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Private Label

Are you bored of giving out just another hat or pen with your name on it? We certainly were bored of receiving them! Instead, why not give an EXTRAORDINARY gift of food complete with your branding and message.

Make it memorable when it matters most

Reinforce your message and promote your brand

Low Minimum Requirement

Most products start at 300 units. We offer special pricing for bigger orders.

The Complete Package

Complementary in-house design services for a seamless experience

Anytime, Anywhere

Delivery available Australia-wide

Talk with our Gifting Expert

tel: (02) 4782 3975 Mon-Fri
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Chocolate Block 320g

Starting at $15ea

Min. order 100 units.

Private Label Large Chocolate Block Get a Quote

Large Cookie 70-125g

Starting at $5ea

Min. order 300 units.

Private Label Large Cookie Get a Quote

Rocky Road Bar 50g

Starting at $4ea

Min. order 300 units.

Private Label Rocky Road Bar Get a Quote

Milky Road Bar 50g

Starting at $4ea

Min. order 300 units.

Private Label Milky Road Bar Get a Quote

Dried Fruit 50g

Starting at $7ea

Min. order 300 units.

Private Label Dried Fruit Salad Get a Quote

Muesli Bar 55-65g

Starting at $5ea

Min. order 300 units.

Private Label Muesli Bar Get a Quote

Cookie Twin Pack 50g

Starting at $5ea

Min. order 300 units.

Private Label Cookie Twin Pack Get a Quote

Gourmet Gifts for All Occasions

Drawing from our extensive range of unique, tantalising and delicious products, we can create the perfect Private Label Product to fit your branding or functional requirements. We can even design your artwork for you, with our complimentary in-house graphic design services.

Use Whisk & Pin Private Label for your:

  • Staff/Client Gifting
  • Special Events
  • Boardrooms
  • Corporate offices
  • Minibars
  • Turndown Service
  • Sit-down Functions

What Whisk & Pin Customers are saying...

Our Work

Whatever your brand or message, we can custom tailor a product to your requirements. A selection of previous work.

Example Private Label 1

Travel Daily

Example Private Label 2

BT Financial

Example Private Label 3

Charter Hall

Example Private Label 4

Holiday Inn

Example Private Label 5


Example Private Label 6

Novotel & Pullman

Example Private Label 7


Enquire Now

For a quote on your Private Label Product, simply fill in your details and we'll be in touch within 1 business day.


Does Whisk & Pin provide design services?

Yes! Our in-house design services are offered complimentary for your order. Otherwise, you can supply print-ready artwork too.

What is the minimum order requirement?

The minimum order requirement is dependent on the product type you select. Most product types start at 300 units.

Do you contract manufacture or product develop?

No. As a small producer we are unsuited for contract manufacturing or product developing.

Can you customise the product recipe, such as to add/remove ingredients or create a new recipe?

We can easily adjust the product net weight to meet your portion requirements.
However, developing new recipes requires a lot of time and resource, so this is usally not an economical option. We have a fantastic and delicious range of products ready to go. That said, if your change is simple such as removing a single ingredient, we can look at this for you, though please note this may increase your minimum order quantity.

Minimum qty of 100 units apply for private label orders
Allowed File Types: .jpg, .png, .gif