Dried Cranberries

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Did you know that most cranberries available in Australia have first been squeezed for their juice then the leftover skins are packaged and sold as cranberries? The difference between Whisk & Pin Canadian Cranberries and other cranberries on the market in Australia is vast. We want you to know that our Cranberries are NEVER squeezed for juice - so you always get a whole, gorgeous, nutritious and delicious, almost untouched Cranberry.

Our Cranberries are only ever premium grade, and are the only Cranberries dried using a unique process where they are passed through an oven using 3 different temperatures, thus retaining the quality and integrity of the berry. Our Cranberries are rich in vitamins C and A, iron and antioxidants.

They are deliciously tangy, chewy, wholesome & nutritious and can be used in 100’s of different ways - keep a stock in your pantry and add to whatever you’re cooking or baking - pancakes, breads, muffins, cookies - or for a stunning health and taste boost, add liberally to muesli, ice-creams, yoghurts, cheese platters and the list goes on!

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Cranberries (cane sugar, sunflower oil).

  • Cranberries, Dried
  • Made in Australia from at least 100% Australian ingredients


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