Australian Dried Fruits & Nuts

Australian dried fruits, and premium Canadian berries

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Grown on farms across southern Queensland, our gorgeous sun-kissed fruits are picked when they’re perfectly ripe, so that are simply overflowing with juicy sweetness. They are then simply thinly sliced and air-dried naturally on the farm – with absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, sugar or oil added. Not only is our sun-kissed fruit bursting with sunny Queensland deliciousness, it is wholesome and nutritious and an amazing low fat natural energy booster. 

 Absolutely perfect for snacking on; a gorgeous addition to any cheese platter; or simply popped on a scoop of creamy gourmet ice cream, its versatility knows no bounds! Despite it being enjoyed by the King of Malaysia (yes, it’s true), rest assured it’s not just for the royals – it’s for all of us.  


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