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Apple & Spice GF Pancake Mix 400g

Product Review (submitted on 11 January 2018):
Over my many intolerant years I’ve tried to find a GF Pancake Mix that is anything above average.

Many a time I’ve made do with Woolworths GF Buttermilk Mix in a plastic bottle. This, sadly, is merely average, it’s easier than making your own, but the texture is more crepe like, the taste is bland. No gold stars.

For Dinner tonight I tried your GF Pancake Mix. Lord have mercy.

I immediately had rushes of nostalgia taking me back to a time when I was merely intolerant, rather than specifically intolerant. Real pancakes.

Feel the apple, see the apple, taste the apple. Taste the cinnamon, taste a hint of nutmeg. They look like pancakes, they taste like pancakes, they have the feel, the texture, softness of pancakes, they have the wonderful waft of spice mixed with that traditional fragrance to ready to eat Pancake.

These pancakes were to be a side on the dinner plate. They became the meal in itself for the two of us. At this moment as I type, I’m as full as a state school.

Bravo ‘Whisk & Pin’ Bravo. You have done your company proud, the Gluten Intolerant people proud, and your nation proud.

Sainthood’s for all.


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