Gourmet Muesli

Wholesomely delicious muesli blended by hand from only the highest quality ingredients

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Here at Whisk & Pin we are fanatical about our Gourmet Muesli. As one of the first hand-made Gourmet Muesli producers in Australia, we were pivotal in the innovation of our products. We’re excited by the ingredients we use – oats always direct from the paddock; sun-kissed fruit direct from Queensland; stunningly nutritious nuts and seeds; intensely flavoured berries, and the delicious list goes on.

Every one of our mueslis is still hand-blended, hand-bagged and hand-labelled. We delight in bringing you a wholesome, no fuss, delicious breakfast everyday - and all you need to do is pour the milk!

Gourmet Muesli

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