Café Cookies

Rolled by hand, and baked fresh every day

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At Whisk & Pin we hand make the most delicious and amazing Café Cookies possible using the simplest combination of the finest ingredients. Our cookies are wholesome, they are decadent, they are – yes you’ve guessed it – gorgeous!  Our cookies have a home-made look and feel and really, no self-respecting skim soy decaf Glass Cookie Jarslatte is complete without one. Not only are our cookies gorgeous to look at, but they are equally gorgeous nibbled with a latte, chewed over a cappuccino or delicately dipped in a cup of afternoon tea. We have been supplying our cookies to cafes since 1999 and the demand continues to grow.

For those customers who don’t have time to sit and enjoy their cookie with a lovely latte, we also have a select range of our Café Cookies which come individually wrapped in cellophane and work really well as a ‘grab and go’. These Counter Top Cookies come in their own gorgeous display box and will sit perfectly on your café counter. Our Café cookies are also perfect for keeping handy on your kitchen bench at home and stored in either of our glass cookie jars – superb for morning and afternoon teas or any occasion requiring a gorgeous cookie or two, the kids will absolutely love you!

Because we bake all of our cookies to order, you are assured of the freshest cookies with the longest shelf life possible which is around 3 – 4 weeks in suitable climatic conditions (i.e. airtight and at ambient temperature). We can also supply you with fantastic Large or Small airtight glass jars to display and store the cookies in. Click here to find out more about Café Cookie Care. We are thrilled to know that so many discerning customers out there associate quality and deliciousness with Whisk & Pin. We consider it a privilege to bake every single day for 100’s of the best cafés around Australia.

Café Cookies

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