Café Bite-Size Cookies

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Imagine the scene, you’re standing in your kitchen, admiring the froth on the latte you just rustled up from your Nespresso machine, you definitely feel like something scrumptiously delicious, but it’s mid-afternoon and Mamma Mia’s organic beef spag bol is just around the corner. As you may already know, at Whisk & Pin we’re all about The Cookie, The Whole Cookie and nothing but The Cookie. But hey, times change.

These last few months we’ve been hearing more and more that there are some times of day when sure, you want something scrumptiously divine, but you want it in a single, gorgeous, delicious mouthful – in other words, you don’t want a WHOLE cookie, merely a BITE of one! So look what we’ve come up with – the Whisk & Pin BITE-SIZE cookie range! A brand new way to enjoy the Whisk & Pin deliciousness you’ve come to know and love. At Whisk & Pin we say sure, don’t spoil your appetite, but don’t compromise either. Have your cake and eat it too - or in this case, have a delicious mouthful of an outrageously delicious hand-made BITE-SIZE cookie and still leave room for that magnificent organic spag bol!

Our 1kg pack of BITE-SIZE cookies will look absolutely sensational sitting on your kitchen bench in one of our 2.5L Glass Cookie Jars and are simply perfect for kids’ afternoon teas, lunch boxes, picnics, after dinner, or anywhere something small & deliciously gorgeous is called for. But hey, deliciousness doesn’t have to stop at home.

For all you gorgeous Wholesale Customers out there, our BITE-SIZE cookie range is also sensational for the office kitchen (go on, give staff something delicious to talk about around the water cooler), executive morning and afternoon teas, golf clubs, meeting rooms, hair and beauty salons on the side of a gorgeous cappuccino or a pot of zesty Earl Grey. With the Whisk & Pin magnificently marvellous BITE-SIZE cookie range, the possibilities are deliciously endless.

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Café Bite-Size Cookies

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