Bite-Size Cookies

Handmade delectable minatures

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You know those afternoons, we’ve all had them - you feel like a cup of tea (or hey, a latte, it’s your life), and just a little something, let’s say a cookie, to go with it. A cookie that’s petite, gorgeous, wholesome & delicious while at the same time, satisfying. But does such a cookie exist? No, it didn’t, but it does now!

Allow us to unveil ….. (drum roll please)….The Whisk & Pin Bite-Size Cookie range! Each cookie is packed full of the most perfect combination of flavours any cookie would be proud to be and not only that, but they’re hand-made using the most delicious combinations of only the finest wholesome ingredients. Imagine all that deliciousness in one groovy bite.

Open a box and impress your friends over afternoon tea, pop a couple of packets in the pantry (you never know who’s going to drop by that will need impressing), hand them out as gifts to your vast circle of very close friends (though not necessarily your 500 Facebook friends). Available in a groovy 150g box or a super-groovy, super-value 260g box. It’s the latest and greatest in the Whisk & Pin range. We’re excited. And groovy. But mostly excited.

Bite-Size Cookies

From the stunning Blue Mountains of Australia

At Whisk & Pin, our mission is to produce 100% of the time without exception, products that are premium grade and absolutely delicious. In order to achieve this, our aim is to bring together the best of everything – from the people we work with to the wholesome Australian products we use. As part of our social and economic sustainability, we always use non-GM, and Australian wholesome ingredients wherever possible. However, when Australia cannot supply, we will source internationally to the same standard to ensure we are always working in-line with our mission.