Organic Lemon & Passionfruit Butter 280g


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Our Organic Lemon & Passionfruit butter is 100% organic and made from organic lemons, organic passionfruit, organic eggs and organic raw cane sugar with absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added.

The Butter Story

When Graham first came up with the idea for our Organic Lemon & Passionfruit Butter, he knew it wouldn’t be easy.  I mean, sure we all wanted an Organic Lemon & Passionfruit Butter that was delicious beyond measure - tangy and citrusy yet soft and creamy. We all wanted a product that would have us knock our grandmothers out the way to get at it with a spoon.

Sally our office superstar wanted a product she could spoon into pastry cases and pretend she’d made her own Organic Lemon & Passionfruit tarts… but you tell me, who wants to rise every week before the roosters and drive two hours through the darkness to the Organic Fruit Market to buy up the very best organic lemons available?  Who then wants to drive that lemon bounty back to the mountain bakery without even stopping for a coffee just for the pleasure of squeezing every single lemon by hand until litres of that gorgeous juice fill the benches of the bakery?

Who then wants to painstakingly source every other ingredient, making sure each is 100% organic before turning it all over to our Jam Man to produce a 100% Organic Lemon & Passionfruit butter that is an absolutely sensational pot of creamy citrus and passionfruit deliciousness? And well, the answer is simple – we do. It’s not for everyone, these 4 hour weekly trips and all that hand-squeezing - but it’s definitely for us. 


Fresh organic lemon juice 22%, organic passionfruit 10%, organic free range eggs, organic raw cane sugar, organic unsalted butter. No artificial colours, flavour or preservatives. 100% organic.

  • Cane Sugar, Organic Raw
  • Passionfruit, Organic
  • Average Quantity Per 100g
    Energy 1700kJ
    Protein 5.9g
    Fat, total 23.2g
        - saturated 13.7g
    Carbohydrate 42.8g
        - sugars 42.8g
    Sodium 60mg

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    From the stunning Blue Mountains of Australia

    At Whisk & Pin, our mission is to produce 100% of the time without exception, products that are premium grade and absolutely delicious. In order to achieve this, our aim is to bring together the best of everything – from the people we work with to the wholesome Australian products we use. As part of our social and economic sustainability, we always use non-GM, and Australian wholesome ingredients wherever possible. However, when Australia cannot supply, we will source internationally to the same standard to ensure we are always working in-line with our mission.