Black Cherry Jam 280g

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Our traditional Black Cherry Jam is packed with 60% fruit, organic raw cane sugar and absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added.

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Black cherries 60%, organic raw cane sugar, fresh lemon juice, natural pectin. No artificial colours, flavour or preservatives.

  • Black Cherries, Fresh
  • Cane Sugar, Organic Raw
  • Lemon Juice
  • Pectin, Natural
  • Made in Australia from at least 85% Australian ingredients


    Origin Australia
    Barcode N/A
    Product Code JAM BC

    The Story

    “Ali, I need words,” Graham said, as he unloaded the latest shipment of Williamson Tea that had just arrived from England into the Whisk & Pin warehouse, “you know, some gorgeous words to describe our brand new Black Cherry Jam.”

    “I haven’t tasted it yet, what’s it like?” Ali asked. “Well, it’s fabulous, and when you think about it, all it is, is the rich black flesh of perfectly ripe, full bodied cherries slowly simmered with sweet raw cane sugar - amazing really.”

    Ali jotted the words down and wandered back to Whisk & Pin HQ where Sally had just taken a batch of freshly baked organic scones from the oven and was busy smearing them in organic butter and finishing them off with a great dollop of Black Cherry Jam.

    Not one to refuse a scone, Ali took a bite and savoured the intensity of the Black Cherries and Graham’s words resounded in her head.  ‘The rich black flesh of perfectly ripe full bodied cherries,’ he’d said, ‘slowly simmered in sweet raw cane sugar,’ he’d said.

    Despite her way with words, she knew there were none better for Whisk & Pin’s new Black Cherry Jam than those Graham had unknowingly come up with. Although she did just have two of her own to add: Absolutely & Fantastic.

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