Ethiopia Coffee Beans 250g

by Cassiopeia Specialty Coffee Roasters

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This coffee is grown by villagers on small garden plots in an area known as Yirgacheffe, in central southern Ethiopia.

Yirgacheffe is known for its clean and acidity-driven washed coffees and ‘high quality’. That combined with the lush and fertile terrain, and grown at high altitudes, has resulted in a cup that carries unique fruit and berry flavours.

This is an aromatic, complex and intense coffee that offers sensory excitement and floral notes.

Best Appreciated: Recommended black – pour over, drip filter or espresso.

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Cassiopeia Coffee is sourced from the finest co-ops in the world, from Africa, to Central and South America. Whether blended or of single origin, these roasts are treated with the attention they deserve, from the harvest, the light roasting, grinding, brewing, to your enjoyment.

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