Decaf Coffee Beans 250g

by Cassiopeia Specialty Coffee Roasters

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This coffee is Fair Trade Organic and made of Typica, Caturra and Bourbon varietals and grown in the Chiapa, Yajalon, Tumbala and Ocosigno regions in Mexico.

These farmers are part of cooperatives and support their families by growing coffee in an organic and sustainable way. The process is Mountain Water Process which is 100% chemical free and the method is decaffeination. This process includes swelling the beans with water and then extracting the caffeine from the beans.

Using traditional cultivation methods and grown at 1200-1600 metres above seal level, this cup presents as brown sugar, ripe green apple; and lemon with a buttery finish.

Best Appreciated: Black or milked in your favourite brewing method – pour over, drip filter or espresso.

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The Story

Cassiopeia Coffee is sourced from the finest co-ops in the world, from Africa, to Central and South America. Whether blended or of single origin, these roasts are treated with the attention they deserve, from the harvest, the light roasting, grinding, brewing, to your enjoyment.

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